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My loves:Michael Angelakos,Ezra Koenig, Max Minghella
Maze Runner Fan = Glader4Lyfe = #JDashArmy // Alt-pop+Indie Rock+Folk
Parks & Rec and Lost are my life // I have autoplay, get over it
Media teacher:Part of why media is so constant is that it's so temporary. You can get emotional watching your favorite TV show, but after it's over, you forget about it and move on with your life. You might be upset if a character dies, but you wouldn't lock yourself in your room with a pint of ice cream and cry about it.

Ok so I am going to be deleting this tumblr because I’m locked out and can only get in on my phone, I will follow everybody back on my new account and it would be amazing if you guys would follow me back! My new url is infinitecoastline.tumblr.com


Rolling Stone loves Vampire Weekend like NME loves Arctic Monkeys



what if you walked onto a flight full of band members honestly what would you do

all of them

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Yeezus can step aside cause you know VW got that #1 spot


when band members smile at each other while playing man that’s when my life is just rainbows 

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